Col.legi Diocesà Santiago Apòstol Cabanyal-València

Plazos curso 2024-25

Teaching assignment in Italy

One of our teachers had the chance to teach coding and robotics to 2nd, 3rd and 5th primary students at I.C. Dante Alighieri in Pesaro (Italy). The programme included:first steps in coding through the app Scratch Jr: creation of context (background and characters) and simple block coding (movement, events and iterations);advanced options in Scratch Jr (multiple events, iterations, message broadcast and reception);block-based coding with Scracth ( and its basic coding tools: movement, appearance, sounds, conditions (if…then…else);hardware understanding (sensors, LEDs, chassis, motors, connections, electronics) and hardware control via MakeBlock block-based coding (

It was a pleasure to collaborate with the Italian teachers and to work productively with the Italian pupils.