Col.legi Diocesà Santiago Apòstol Cabanyal-València

Job Shadowing in Enkhuizen, Netherlands

Last April our classmates Ainhoa and Lorena made a school visit to the Netherlands.

During the week they were there, they did internships at the High School RSG and at  HET Driespan primary school  located in Enkhuizen.

They have been learning about the education system in the netherlands. It is a system that accompanies the student from early childhood education to university studies. Education is free and compulsory from 6 to 16 years old.

Regarding the organization and methodology within the classrooms, in early childhood education the classes are organized in work corners and the students learn through play.

In primary school they work on projects and usually sit down in a group to work.

Jointly. children are really happy with these study topics as they focus on the real interests that the student may have. Respecting each work rhythm.

In high school classes tend to be traditional. Students take classes with books, tablets and practical exercises. The climate of the classrooms is good and the best of all are the incredible facilities that they have with many spaces for the use and enjoyment of them with multipurpose furniture and comfortable areas decorated with plants and some very pleasant study areas.

It has been an incredible experience and at the same time we have enjoyed learning about a country hitherto unknown to us.